The American muscle car is a thing of beauty and a work of art.

Many people concerned about preserving the environment- and there’s nothing wrong with that.  People who love muscle cars occasionally take some heat for their love of the bold American classics.  Most vehicles today are built with a variety of parts designed to protect the ozone, stretch fuel usage, and minimize pollution.  However, the muscle car was designed for style, speed, and the roar of the engine.

Are you new to the love of muscle cars?  You may know people who don’t understand the appeal of such beauty and mechanical genius.  But don’t be concerned, you are in good company. There are muscle car lovers everywhere.

Signs You Might Be a Muscle Car Enthusiast

The symptoms of being a muscle car enthusiast vary, but if you find yourself resembling some of these comments, you might qualify:Muscle Cars

  • You are shocked when a friend buys a vehicle with less than 8 cylinders.
  • You think of road trips in terms of “how many quarter miles” there are.
  • Turning is only fun, or useful if it’s to make a donut.
  • Open roads, empty parking lots, and race tracks are for burnouts, drag racing, V8s, and wheelies!
  • You love the pull of a rear-wheel drive platform.
  • You can talk about horsepower and output for hours on end.
  • You have dirt, grease, and oil under your fingernails, and can tell the difference between a small block and a cinder block.
  • You know how to drive a manual transmission.
  • You care less about how comfortable the car rides and more about its style and design.
  • Weekends are for muscle car shows- looking at other cars, showing off your muscle car, and making connections with other enthusiasts.
  • Driving is about the experience, not the expense. (Though it can be argued that the American muscle car is a good value for its cost!)

Enthusiast, Know Thyself

Of course, one of the most telling signs of a muscle car enthusiast is that you only use quality products in the maintenance of your car – from the cleaning products and tools to the fluids and filters used under the hood. To get the most out of your muscle car, as well as your everyday vehicle, use quality products from AMSOIL. At Buy Great Oil you will find premium synthetic oil, filters, performance improver, lubricants, and many other items all designed to make your car purr.

So…you love muscle cars. And, why not? They are beautiful pieces of American history. As comedian Tim Allen says, “They say you only go around once, but with a muscle car you can go around two or three times.” Where will you go this weekend?

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