Maintenance is Costly

The term ‘maintenance’ is vague because every business treats maintenance differently.  One thing is for sure, though: equipment and vehicle maintenance is costly.  Today, many companies experience higher maintenance costs.  Why?  Because replacement parts, labor costs, and equipment downtime are more expensive now than ever.   Create an equipment-vehicle maintenance plan to cut some of the costs.  Let’s look at what makes up a company’s maintenance plan, as well as possible solutions to save you money while keeping your operation running smoothly.

What is a Maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan lists all of the maintenance required on your equipment.  It should include four key components:

  • What – To start, list every vehicle or piece of equipment that requires periodic maintenance.  For example, this could be bearings that need grease or vehicles that need fluid changes
  • Scope – Outline which items need attention on each piece of equipment.  That may include greasing fittings with a grease gun, checking for leaks, verifying fluid levels, or equipment oil changes with fresh oil.
  • Schedule – Determine when the maintenance needs attention.  Equipment manuals can identify inspection schedules, or the amount of use can choose the frequency. 
  • Who – Large operations require maintenance teams.  Limited staff operations benefit from developing a Total Maintenance Plan (TPM).  TPM’s layout is a framework for keeping your vehicle fleet running.  Determining who will work on what equipment is an essential piece of the plan.

How Do You Document a Maintenance Plan?

Once you have a plan, how do you keep track of everything?  Software exists to address this for varying-sized operations.  These programs typically keep a history of maintenance.  If your business maintains vehicles, AMSOIL offers MyAMSOILGarage.  “My AMSOIL Garage” is a great option to keep historical records for each vehicle in your fleet.  Best of all, it can be an integral part of your equipment-vehicle maintenance plan.  It also generates a list of fluids that need to be changed, the frequency, and current product pricing.  Whether you use a spreadsheet or software program, having good maintenance documentation is essential.

MyAMSOIL Garage is key to your equipment-vehicle maintenance plan.

Simple Savings Idea

As we’ve mentioned, maintenance costs are expensive.    Companies look for ways to save on maintenance expenses.  Typically, vehicle maintenance intervals are determined by how often the oil should be changed.  Oil changes are a way companies look save money.  The lowest bidder for the oil often wins the business.   A simple savings idea for vehicles in your fleet is to extend the drain intervals on the oils/fluids.  Shifting the mindset to paying more for quality lubricants and extending the drain interval is more common today.   AMSOIL full synthetic oils and lubricants are formulated to provide outstanding protection for an extended time.  Lowering vehicle downtime, less work on the maintenance team, and less oil save a lot of money.  Plus, companies enjoy the added benefits of extending the life of their vehicles and equipment.

For more information on the benefits of AMSOIL lubricants, can help.  We offer AMSOIL products exclusively in our online store and work with companies to provide cost savings solutions.  We are your local dealer, and we’re here to help partner with your business for a successful future.





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