Owning a commercial landscaping company means you are always using equipment.  Some of the equipment is heavy duty, whether it’s various types of gear or a fleet of vehicles.  It may be a snowplow during the winter.  Or, perhaps a woodchipper in fall or spring.  And in the summer, a lawn mower with a 4-foot blade during the summer.  But no matter the season, there is always some type of work to be done.

LandscapingAs such, it is vital that all your lawn equipment is properly maintained.  Be it the blades, the gears, or engine components, keeping all the pieces and parts in great condition affects the company’s bottom line.  Many of these tasks must be done frequently during their high-use season, and then during their “off” season, it is a good time to do even more detailed jobs, so the mowers, trimmers, and plows are ready when needed.

Keeping Your Commercial Landscaping Business Ready to Go

Storage –

Endeavor to keep all the tools of your trade in a covered area and make time to put everything away correctly when it is not in use.  For smaller tools, protect them from the elements with a a locked cabinet or storage building is a good way to protect from elements of all types.

Tire Pressure –

You have a lot riding on your lawn maintenance equipment.  Be sure to check the tire pressure on your work trucks and wheeled equipment before heading out to do a job.  Having the proper tire pressure puts less strain on the vehicle and will ensure that the cut quality is consistent.

Air Filters –

A clogged or blocked filter can cause engine problems. The job of the filter is to keep debris from reaching the engine and its moving parts, so that oil and other fluids can move freely.  From the lawn equipment to your work trucks, keeping the filters replaced is a must. To be sure you always have the filters needed for a particular vehicle, visit AMSOIL dealer, Buy Great Oil.  A mower’s air filter needs to be changed after every 50 hours of use, so it’s likely to be changed weekly.  Having filters on hand will save you time and money!

Track Maintenance Jobs –

There are big tasks such as changing blades, replacing or repairing tires, checking electrical systems, replacing batteries, etc.  They typically aren’t done every week on every vehicle. Consequently, you need a way to keep up with maintenance is being done. Whether you opt for a logbook or use an app, be sure to stay up to date with maintenance.

Change the Oil –

Ideally, the oil, as well as the oil filters, need to be changed after every 100 hours of usage. AMSOIL synthetic oil is perfect for all your lawncare equipment maintenance needs.

Keep it Clean –

At the end of each workday, take a few minutes to spray or scape off any accumulated mud, branches, grass, etc. Built-up dirt will cause your equipment to be less effective.

Maintaining your landscaping equipment is a must for any commercial lawncare company. Being intentional in inspecting and replacing pieces of equipment, adding oil and filters as needed and keeping everything stored safely and protected from potential damage will go a long way toward seeing that your company is always ready to tackle whatever job comes your way.

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