“Dashing through the snow, on a multi-horse powered ‘sleigh’. O’er the fields we go, laughing all the way…” Yes, tis the season for loading up the snowmobile and setting out on an adventure.  Or, perhaps just to check on your property. However, be it work or play, it is necessary to see that your snowmobile is always ready to go.  So maintenance tasks are a must.

Snowmobile Maintenance Tasks

Lubricate the chaincase –

Be sure these parts are properly lubricated. You can keep them moving properly by applying a coat of AMSOIL’s Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube available from local dealer, Buy Great Oil. Typically, this task will only need to be done once a season.


Check the exhaust system –

Gaskets leak, springs break, mounts crumble- any of this can result in in poor performance. Take a few minutes to check out these various parts and see that there is no cracking, leaks or other damage. You don’t want to discover you have a leak when you are out on the back 40!

Adjust the track and align the skis –

Check to see that everything is properly aligned, so you can be sure to steer in the direction you want. Take a few minutes to first loosen the rear-axle bolt, then align the track, before setting the tension. While checking, and perhaps adjusting, the ski take time to see that the wheels aren’t stuck or wobbly, s you can have a smooth ride.

Get out your wrench –

Before the first ride of the season, and after any particularly vigorous rides, get out your wrench and go over the entire snowmobile and tighten up any loose bolts and nuts. Be sure to pay special attention to shock mount bolts, the chassis, radius rods, spindles, and trailing arms.

Check the oil –

This is good to do before every ride. Be sure that the oil, and other fluids such as coolant, brake fluid and injection oil, are at the proper level. Top off anything that is below level. You can extend how often you need to change the engine oil, and give the engine more protection by opting for AMSOIL 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Oil.

Replace the filters –

The fuel and air filters are two of the most important parts of your snowmobile’s engine as it their job to protect the engine and its moving parts from debris build up. However, if the filters are old or worn out, they cannot be effective. Take a few minutes to check these at least once a season.

Keep it clean –

After each ride take a few minutes to wipe down your snowmobile. Storing it with twigs, mud or other debris will just cause extra-an unnecessary- wear and tear. Plus, cleaning it when you get back means it will be ready to go the next time you want to ride. Also, if not storing your snowmobile in a garage, be sure to cover it up, so that it is protected from the elements.

Many of these tasks can be done pre or post ride, as the important thing is that they are done. Failing to do so, can result in mechanical issues or safety hazards. Don‘t ignore the basics. Do the maintenance and keep the supplies you need on hand, so every ride on your snowmobile is a wonderful experience.

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