You walk out to the car ready to begin your day, put the key in the ignition (or press the button), and nothing happens.  So, you try again- same result.  Or perhaps, you are heading out of town for a getaway when your car begins overheating or just not handling correctly.  Avoid finding yourself parked on the roadside with car problems.  In these situations, one can’t help but get frustrated.

These scenarios can be minimized, if not avoided, by making time for car maintenance.

6 Actions to Take to Prevent Car Problems

The Battery

Preventing Car ProblemsIf your car isn’t starting despite having plenty of gas, then a good place to begin is the battery.  Most batteries last between 3 and 5 years.  So, when you purchase a battery, write down the date to purchase a new one.  Don’t find yourself stranded.  Another way to prevent being surprised by a faulty battery is to have a trusted mechanic check it for you annually.  Many automotive stores will run diagnostic tests on your vehicle at no cost and let you know your battery’s status.

The Right Oil Helps Prevent Car Problems

While most vehicles today can go 5,000 miles between oil changes this doesn’t mean that you never need to change the oil.  Take the DIY approach or have a mechanic do the job.  But regardless of the “who” just be sure it gets done.  You can stretch the amount of time between oil changes by using AMSOIL synthetic oil.  This can be purchased one bottle at a time or in bulk from your AMSOIL dealer at Buy Great Oil.

Keep it Clean

Take time to clean the engine parts. Use a degreaser on the spark plugs, change the oil and air filter often, and wipe down any buildup on the various parts of the engine to help keep the parts moving as they should.

Check the Tires

Rotate them, get them aligned, and do a weekly inspection for any damage. Whether it is nicks in the tread, a worn-down tread, a slow leak, or incorrect air pressure nothing can cause car problems like non-maintained tires!

Don’t Ignore the Lights!

Your car has a variety of lights that will come on when the various systems of your car need attention. When you see a light for the engine, oil, or some other system make time to have it checked out. Oftentimes it is a simple issue that if ignored becomes a much costlier one that, inevitably, becomes a problem at the most inopportune time!

Top it Off to Avoid Car Problems

Don’t let the fluids in your car get low. Be intentional about checking, and topping off as-needed, fluids such as the oil, lubricant, water, windshield wiper fluid, etc. Keeping these products at the right levels will keep your car running smoothly and ensure safety while driving.

Some of the most frustrating parts of driving have nothing to do with actually being on the road. Rather, they are those little jobs that if ignored can result in big problems. By taking care of your vehicle regularly with tasks such as changing the oil, checking the tires, topping off fluids, and other easy tasks you can minimize the aggravation associated with car problems. Don’t put it off. Do some car maintenance today.


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