In a post-pandemic world, there have been many changes.  The changes aren’t just in how business is conducted but also in supply and demand. One area where this effect has been felt immensely is in the auto industry. Thanks to issues like the chip shortage, rising fuel costs, and others the market is ripe for selling your used vehicle(s). But just because it’s a seller’s market, it doesn’t mean that all you have to do to sell your vehicle is put a “For Sale” sign on it.  Everything from keeping it clean to using AMSOIL makes a difference in your first impression.

If you plan to sell your vehicle, there are things you can to get top dollar for your vehicle. Most of these require just a bit of time and energy but can go a long way towards making your used vehicle more appealing to a potential buyer.

5 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Used Vehicle

Know what your vehicle is worth.

Before assigning a price tag, look up your vehicle’s value on-site such as Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, or the NADA. Be honest about the state your vehicle is in and set your price accordingly. Of course, don’t hesitate to add in a little bit of room in the price for haggling.  After all, that’s often part of the process and you want to get the best dollar amount possible.

Clean the vehicle, completely.

Dirty CarNo one wants to check out the interior of your car and find last week’s fast food sack. If you want to get the best price for your vehicle, take time to clean it up, inside and out. Keep in mind that cleaning also includes the smell. Empty your vehicle of anything that is not a part of the car’s original interior. Use a good cleaner designed for vehicles and do all you can to make the seats, console, dash, and any decorative elements look the best they can.

Have the Correct Documentation.

Be sure you have service records for repairs, upgrades, inspections, and oil changes.  This helps tell the story of your vehicle care. In addition, talk to your insurance company to get any documentation regarding claims made on the vehicle.

Take care of general maintenance needs.

When was the last time the brake pads were changed? Have you replaced the battery? Does the “check engine” light come on when you start the vehicle? Depending on the age of your vehicle, there may be other mechanical concerns to update. But if you plan on selling your vehicle now is the time to get everything in the best possible working order. This includes taking time to have the oil changed- ideally with a quality synthetic oil such as AMSOIL so you can be sure that your vehicle is running smoothly.

Ensure the Oil is Clean

Dirty Oil- Replace with Clean AMSOILOne of the best telltale signs of good vehicle care is the oil condition.  A quick pull of the dipstick will show whether the oil is clear amber or opaque brown.  It also shows whether the oil is full or has been running low.  To ensure you make the best impression, replace your oil with AMSOIL synthetic, and be sure it’s fresh and clean.  You can purchase AMSOIL products easily online from

Check the tires.

There is a bit of debate as to whether new tires should be purchased for a vehicle before selling. A safe rule of thumb is if you have four matched tires with evenly worn treads, don’t worry about new ones. But if a tire is showing signs of wear, cupping or they are mismatched, you can count on questions from potential buyers. In addition, if an interested party notices that the tires are not in good shape they are more likely to be concerned about the maintenance in other areas of vehicle care. If you opt to buy new tires, be sure to include them as part of the cost.

Whether you will be selling your vehicle in Dallas, Texas, or Los Angeles, California it pays to have taken good care of your vehicle. A great way to help your vehicle sound and run smoothly is by using AMSOIL synthetic oil whenever the oils changed. You can find a local AMSOIL vendor on Buy Great Oil, and begin boosting the performance and value of your used vehicle today.

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