As the owner of a small trucking company, you know the importance of keeping your fleet on the roads making deliveries- and not sitting at the garage getting repairs.  Your fleet of trucks is your livelihood, so it is vital that you keep them going.  This means being vigilant in their maintenance and any repairs needed.

Preventive Maintenance for Your Trucking Fleet

As with many other aspects of business, preventative care for is less costly than big repair jobs.  As the company owner, you are the one to take the financial hit if your trucks aren’t out on the road.  So, whether you make frequent inspections or hire someone to do it for you, there are components to check and maintenance jobs to do.

Trucking Fleet Maintenance Checks


Trucking Fleet MaintenanceNo matter your amount of roadside experience, nobody likes to stop due to a flat or blown-out tire. Before and after each trip, take a few minutes to inspect the tires. Inspect the tread and ensure nothing is embedded, check the tire pressure, and look for any tears or signs of wearing down. Also, check the lug nuts to see that they are correctly secured and note the alignment.

While not necessarily a maintenance concern, when it comes to your trucks’ tires, it is important to use the tires recommended for your vehicle.  This will save you on fuel and help the trucks ride better and safer, with fewer tire issues to correct.


Be sure the lights come on when the switch is flipped, that they blink, that both low and high beams work, and no bulbs need replacements. Even if your drivers don’t drive at night, you still need all the truck’s features to pass inspections.


If there is not enough oil or it is dirty, your truck(s) will not be effective and efficient. Having the proper oil and the right amount for each truck will keep the engine working correctly and minimize the risk of expensive repairs. Opt for synthetic oil to keep your engine in smooth working order and reduce repairs.  At Buy Great Oil, you can get AMSOIL products– lube, synthetic diesel oils, filters, etc.- especially designed for your fleet.  AMSOIL offers special pricing for trucking fleet commercial accounts to save your business money.  With a commercial account, get discounts on oil as well as free shipping on qualified orders.  Extend your time between oil changes for your trucking fleet, keeping more vehicles on the road and saving money in the process.


It’s not just necessary for your trucks to move.  They need to be able to stop.  Make time each week to check all your trucks’ braking systems.  Note any worn-out brake pads, shoes, or slippage issues, and update when needed.  In addition, be sure the brake fluid is changed when it gets dirty so the vehicles are not at risk of failing to stop when required.  If your fleet includes trucks with air brakes, be sure to keep them tested and functional as well.


Make time each week to clean off the radiators, top off any fluids, and note any sign of leaking. Doing this often allows more airflow and improves the cooling ability of the radiator.  It’s important that the fluid in closed loop jacket type cooling is properly maintained.

Your goal is to make money, keep your drivers and the trucks rolling down the road, and make your clients happy.  But, you can’t do this if your trucks are not properly maintained.  Trucking fleet maintenance is more cost effective when buying oil in bulk and using AMSOIL synthetics to extend your drain interval.  Be diligent in inspecting and maintaining your fleet so you can be successful.

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