Using Saber Oil in Your Radio-Controlled Toys

Oil in RC Toys

Are you an R/C hobbyist with an interest in radio-controlled cars, trucks, boat, or airplanes?  Many require 2-stroke RC toy oil for the engines.  Radio-controlled recreation is very popular, and the available options get more complex every year.  One question people ask in forums is what 2-stroke oil to use for the R/C toys. There are plenty of 2-stroke RC toy oil options on the market.  Are they all okay to use for radio-controlled vehicles?  The answer may surprise you.

AMSOIL is the Preferred RC Toy Oil

We recently saw a few enthusiasts running their R/C trucks in a local park.  So, we stopped to ask about each of their radio-controlled models.  One had a similar color scheme to a real race truck.  Another had a classic shape of a C10 Chevrolet.  And yet a third had his own custom-style and bodywork.  While their trucks were all different, they all agreed on the 2-stroke oil to add to their R/C truck gasoline.  Unanimously, they used AMSOIL Saber Professional Oil.  As one of the group members said, “Don’t ever use the cheap stuff that is rated for a basic chainsaw.”

AMSOIL: A Time-Tested Favorite for R/C Toys

Often, a new radio-control enthusiast uses the same gasoline and oil mixture used for trimmers and chainsaws.  It seems easy to do.  They all use a gasoline and 2-stroke oil mixture, so it naturally seems like the proper choice.  However, they get into trouble because the mix ratio is a little different.  Some chainsaws require a 40:1 or 50:1 ratio of gasoline to 2-stroke oil to run properly.  Some R/C vehicles run well on a 40:1 mixture ratio.  Others do better on a 25:1 or 30:1 ratio.  That small difference may not seem like much, and in the beginning, it may not make a huge difference.  Over time, though, the difference in 2-stroke amount will affect the durability of R/C engines.

AMSOIL ‘Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil’ offers protection at mix ratios at a lean 100:1. (100 parts gasoline to 1 part 2-stroke oil).  One bottle can easily last all year and can reduce your operating costs up to 50% by using the Saber Oil.  AMSOIL Saber RC toy oil (high-quality synthetic oil) burns cleaner than other synthetics and conventional oils in competitor brands.  Carbon deposits build up over time with conventional oils or from using an incorrect mix ratio of gasoline and 2-stroke oil.  That leads to stuck piston rings and clogged exhaust.

What’s the AMSOIL Difference?

AMSOIL SABER Professional Oil eliminates the problems caused by two-stroke equipment using other oils.  Such problems include hard starting, rough running, power loss and shortened life. One drawback to running 2-stroke engines over time is their tendency to emit smoke.  Rich mixtures to keep conventional oil protecting the engine mean they tend to emit a blue-colored smoke. With AMSOIL Saber Oil, even at a rich mixture ratio, there’s no smoky irritation.  AMSOIL Saber passes the industry-standard smoke test at the standard rich mix ratio.  When it is mixed at the lean recommended SABER Ratio, smoke is virtually undetectable.

AMSOIL Saber Professional 2-Stroke for RC Toy Oil is sold in multiple quantity options.  Whether you need a small pack for a single gallon or a drum for your radio-control business, AMSOIL has you covered.  Here is a list of package sizes available, and the quantity in a case:

Oil Chart

Getting it Right

If you find you’re unsure of the exact mix ratio for your particular 2-stroke engine, AMSOIL offers a mix guide that can help easily calculate your ratio.

AMSOIL Saber Oil Mix Guide:

When it comes time to put your favorite summer R/C vehicles into storage, the AMSOIL Saber Oil acts as a gasoline stabilizer.  There is no need to add a secondary stabilizer to keep the fuel and oil mixture fresh during storage.  Simply top off the fuel tank to prevent moisture from building up inside the fuel tank.  Then run the engine briefly to ensure the fresh mixture has made it to the engine and put the vehicle away.  It’s just that simple.

You can expect great results switching to AMSOIL synthetic Saber Oil.  Your 2-stroke radio-controlled vehicle will run more efficiently.  It will also run with less wear on the internal bearings and pistons.  And it will emit virtually no smoke to cause respiratory irritation.  Do you need help with determining a complete maintenance plan for your vehicle fleet?  Your local AMSOIL dealer at Buy Great Oil is here to help with products and hints to make the job easier.

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