Maintenance Checklist for Your Moving Trucks

Are you responsible for a fleet of moving trucks? If so, then you know the importance of always being road ready. Your moving trucks take a great deal of “abuse”. As such, you need to be certain they are available when a client comes in.

Paperwork and tags

Be sure to have current paperwork, tags, titles, etc. available.

Thoroughly inspected

Moving Van Fleet

After every trip, your moving trucks should be inspected inside, out and under the hood. Now is a good time to wipe down the interior and spray down the outside. It’s a lot easier to inspect the truck when it’s clean.

Check the tire pressure

Renters put a lot of miles on your trucks. After all, not every move is just across town. Many people rent moving trucks for cross country moves. And those moves mean carrying heavy furniture and boxes. Consequently, your trucks’ tires take a great deal of weight. At least once a week, do a complete tire inspection. Check for worn treads, bulges, and the correct tire pressure. The wrong pressure level can be dangerous for those driving as well as the moving vehicle.

Check the suspension

If this faulty, it will make for a bumpy ride- especially If the driver is also towing a vehicle. Also, if a vehicle is to be towed, be sure all cables and wires are in proper working order.

Check all fluid levels

Brake, transmission, power steering, coolant/anti-freeze, etc. and fill as needed. Make this process a little quicker by having the needed products on-hand. You can order many of them from your local AMSOIL dealer, Buy Great Oil.

Light it up

Check turn signals, brake lights, interior cargo light, and headlights. Make any needed replacements.

Damaged glass

Renters usually don’t set out to have windshield, mirrors, etc. get cracked or damaged, but accidents happen.  If there is any damage, get repairs made. Visibility is a must when driving, and more so on a moving truck or van. Do your part to ensure those renting the vehicle can see where they are going.

Moving equipment

If your moving company provides pads, carts, ramps, etc. then check the status of these items after vehicle is returned. You will also want to check the truck and ramp and roll-up door to see that they are working properly.

As a moving truck company, you want your clients to be confident in your trucks. This will only happen if every renter’s experience is one where things go smoothly from the moving lot to the new address. From keeping your trucks’ engines purring to having tires that are in good condition every element of the renter’s trip must be worthy of a five-star review. So do your part to get the positive feedback you want. Keep your moving truck fleet maintained.

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