Learn What it Takes to Become an AMSOIL Dealer:

The automotive aftermarket is full of good products.  SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) has an annual event to showcase the new products coming out from many manufacturers. If you’ve ever attended the show, you know it’s a dizzying event with more than you can probably see in three days.

Inside the show, you’ll find many lubricant companies showcasing their best synthetic oils and products, including AMSOIL.  After stopping at the booth, you might grab a flyer or some information on becoming an AMSOIL dealer.  Or, perhaps you’ve seen an AMSOIL sticker on race team apparel, on TV or the internet.  You may have just seen an ad in a magazine.

Have you ever thought about becoming an AMSOIL dealer?  Or, have you wondered if becoming a dealer is really worth it?  The simple answer is ‘yes’.  Here’s why you should take the next step to become a dealer:


AMSOIL is constantly driving the lubrication market forward with their unique products and award-winning packaging.  Their goal is to make your vehicle run smoother, run longer, and be easier to maintain.  That also goes for your potential customers that you’ll have when you become a dealer.  Are you tired of being “just another customer” at a local store?  Do you want to take your experience with AMSOIL products to the next level?  Becoming a dealer is a perfect opportunity for that.

Become an AMSOIL Dealer or Retailer

Should You Become a Dealer or a Retailer?

If you’re a fan of AMSOIL and want to offer products as a business, you’ll be either a retailer or a dealer.   The first question is whether you have a current retail location to sell them through.  If you don’t have a retail location, becoming a standard dealer is your best option.

AMSOIL began the dealership program in 1973. Many current dealers use their dealership as an opportunity to fund their passions through part-time work.  Some enjoy racing. Some are passionate about restoration.  Others just enjoy driving and riding while traveling to faraway places.

For them an AMSOIL dealership is just something extra, but for others it’s become a full-time business and a lifestyle.  The best part of becoming an AMSOIL dealer is that YOU get to choose what your dealership is.  You can decide if it will be something for yourself, a part-time passion, or your new lifestyle choice.

What to Expect as an AMSOIL Dealer

If you’ve wanted to open your own business but didn’t know where to begin, AMSOIL offers a Dealer Quick Start kit.  As such, it contains everything to begin on the right path. The beauty is the low start-up cost for the program.  The dealer program only costs $49.95 for a one-year Dealership ($64.95 in Canada), and you receive a Quick-Start kit, it’s a fast track to a great start.

What comes in the Dealership Quick-Start kit?

New dealers also receive access to the Premium Dealer Zone and all levels of AMSOIL University (AU) online training.  In addition, the kit comes with a straight-forward manual to help you build your business one step at-a-time.  Being a dealer allows you to buy products at the lowest prices.  Accordingly, there is no minimum start-up fee, no minimum inventory requirements or investment, and no employee expenses or requirements.  It allows you to be your own boss on your time without having to spend a fortune to get started.  Best of all, you can register online or talk to your local dealer to get more information and have your own business.

Additional Benefits

Some of the additional benefits of having your own dealership include:

AMSOIL Locator –

  • The AMSOIL website receives 30,000 visitors every day.  Most are looking for a local retailer or dealer to discuss products before purchasing.  You could be listed in their area, and the AMSOIL website can drive business to you without spending extra on advertising.  Your budgets may be tight as a new dealer.  Therefore, free advertising is an expenditure you can save, putting money into other areas of your business.

Increased Profits –

  • AMSOIL products are in demand, and they are constantly at the forefront of the lubrication market.  Since the innovative products can bring customers directly to you, they help add extra profits to your fiscal year.  AMSOIL stays ahead of the pack.  Likewise, you can be part of the team.

Exclusive Distribution –

  • AMSOIL products are exclusively sold in small and regional distribution outlets.  This keeps your pricing safe from large predatory outlets using volume discounts to undercut you.  Additionally, you don’t need to worry about other AMSOIL dealers taking your business opportunities.  AMSOIL has 13 distribution centers strategically placed around North America to offer quick delivery to you and your customers.

Extensive Products –

  • AMSOIL offers numerous oils including engine oil, transmission oil, and gear oil, coolants and additives, and fuel additives.  You will have everything to keep your new customers on the road for longer and solidify a working relationship for the future.  AMSOIL offers Product Guides to help you find the correct oils, cleaners, and filters.  It includes nearly anything with an internal combustion engine.  It’s a great sales tool that you can quickly reference when you’re talking to customers who ask you what products they should use.  As a result, you’ll help them maximize their vehicles’ performance and protection.

Advertising Support –

  • AMSOIL supports national advertising; internet and print advertising; and selectively sponsors some of the largest racing series in North America.  Great events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Monster Energy Supercross, and The Off-Road Championship Series (TORC) help drive customers to your dealership.  You can keep products in stock or have customers order through AMSOIL, directly.  As a benefit, AMSOIL also offers a co-op program for advertising.  The co-op credit can be redeemed for print and broadcast advertising.  Accordingly, the co-op advertisements featur AMSOIL products or for promotional items and merchandising materials.  The amount of credit earned is dependent upon the quantity or AMSOIL products ordered.

Additional Training –

  • AMSOIL has a support team that can help you with any questions you may have.  Additionally, they provide access to several free training resources through AMSOIL University Online.  The training resources are designed to help you learn more about lubrication fundamentals and AMSOIL products.  Last but not least, AMSOIL hosts live training events around the country from time-to-time, providing great opportunities to learn more about the products and talk to technical specialists, as well.

Additional Selling Features –

  • My AMSOILGarage is a great tool that you can offer your customers.  As a customer service benefit, this tool stores their vehicle maintenance information and sets up service reminders.  It notifies them when to change their engine oil and filter; when check their transmission fluid; and when to service their vehicles.  As a dealer, you can use it as a tool when talking to commercial businesses such as landscapers or cab companies.  These (and others) are potential commercial customers who typically need solutions fleet maintenance.

Frequent Promotions –

  • Finally, 2020 was a tough year for everyone.  But AMSOIL dealers saw a rise in orders and profits due to frequent promotions.  AMSOIL plans to continue these promotions going forward.  In other words, AMSOIL gives dealers a great selling point and frequent opportunity to share some great offers.  New customers may be interested in a promotion that helps them save money.  Likewise, it gives you the opportunity to sign up a new AMSOIL Preferred Customer.  It may be free shipping on a qualified order, a bonus gift, or something extra from AMSOIL that can help you grab a new long-term customer for your dealership.

What Does this Mean for You?

You’ve been a fan of AMSOIL products for a long time, and it’s finally time to take the leap to the next level.  Do you just want better pricing, or would you like to be a small business owner?  The opportunities are there.  Whether you choose part-time or full-time is up to YOU.  If we can help with more information on becoming an independent AMSOIL dealer, give us a shout at Buy Great Oil.

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