You have made miles and miles of memories in your RV.  But now it is time to either get a different RV or perhaps say goodbye to that season of your life.  For whatever reason, it is necessary to sell the RV.  But you don’t want to lose money on it.  After all, it was an investment, and no matter your future plans, you want to recoup as much as possible on your recreational vehicle.

Getting the Best Price for Your RV

Clean it up –

RV CleaningNo one wants to buy a vehicle that looks bad.  A dusty, dirty exterior will only make potential buyers wonder what else you didn’t bother to maintain.  Taking time to wash your RV from top to bottom, inside and outside is a simple way to show off your RV in the best light.  Yes, there might be scuff marks on the floor or some usage spots on the counter, but a clean presentation says you cared.

Be sure it is empty –

Before showing off the interior of your RV, be sure you have removed anything that won’t be included in the sale.  Plastic bins in the closet, food in the cupboard, extra bedding- whatever will not be sold with the RV needs to be removed.  However, when showing the interior, it doesn’t hurt to put a vase of flowers on the table, have a few subtle plug-in air fresheners, or put some pretty towels in the kitchen or bathroom.  These items will give it a homey feel and help show off how great the RV lifestyle is.

Have all maintenance tasks up to date –

Ideally, have a log of basic maintenance tasks to show to buyers. Notate tire replacements and repairs.  Also document siding or tubing replacements, and record oil changes, new filters, and other modifications.  Your record of all updates show your RV was a well-maintained investment.  As for fluids used as part of maintenance, having notes about the products is helpful for the next owner.  If you want to be sure the engine is in prime working order, use AMSOIL from your local dealer, Buy Great Oil.  Buy Great Oil sells all the quality products – from filters to coolant, and an assortment of engine cleaners to whatever type of oil you need to keep your RV working for years to come.

Have the paperwork in order –

Maintenance records are only part of the paperwork.  You will also need the tag, title, registration, any guarantees, and any warranties ready.  Also, if you are still paying on a loan for the RV, you will need to check with the bank about any additional documentation.  If you can’t locate the title or registration, you can get copies of these from your state DMV office.

Take pictures –

Before you can post your RV on any online sites, you will want to show it off.  Take pics of the inside and outside of the RV and be sure to photograph any extra details or add-ons. The better the pics you take the more interest and the more potential buyers you will have.

Think about where to advertise your RV –

Today’s sellers have many avenues for marketing.  Sure, you can park it in your front yard with a For Sale sign, but don’t overlook the value of sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, or other online platforms designed for selling.  Then, write up an ad that can’t be overlooked, being sure to include your preferred contact method, and post away.

Selling an RV is not a difficult task.  Just be sure to do your part to make your RV as appealing to the next owners as possible.  Hmm…so, what type of RV will you get next?


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