As you likely know, growing your landscaping business is tough.  Landscapers come and go as the seasons change because staying profitable is harder than they think. It’s easy to mow the grass and trim the hedges.  Working quickly, efficiently, and with excellent customer service is key.  However, there are 5 typical problems the landscaping industry is currently facing.  If your company is struggling to grow, changing your lubricants to AMSOIL may be part of the solution.  Here’s why it will help:

You Need Experienced Employees when Growing Your Landscaping Business

Having the best talent on your team keeps you ahead of the pack.  The challenge is attracting (and keeping) the best talent is difficult to do.  The biggest variable affecting the industry is salaries.  Costs are rising at every turn, which can leave employee salaries pretty flat.  One way to offset increasing costs is to find better lubricants that don’t require special handling or training. When it comes to equipment, most landscapers have a variety of 2-stroke pieces of equipment.  These may include:

  • String trimmers
  • Blowers
  • Chainsaws
  • and other small engine, hand-held gear.

Accordingly, AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is easy to use.  It doesn’t require adjusting mix ratios based on brands or types of equipment.  Simply mix one of the packets with a gallon of gas, and use it in everything.  The ratio of 50:1 up to 100:1 helps reduce smoke and clogged emissions screens.  Equipment will run better, and employees don’t have to focus on the correct mix ratio.  Less maintenance means extra profits.

Regulations and More Regulations

Every small business faces the tough task of keeping up with regulations.  City, county and local laws make it difficult to keep on top of every business rule.  Two problems that landscapers face are smoking equipment and restrictions on petroleum products.

Many landscapers use gasoline-powered equipment.  Blowers, trimmers, saws, etc. still use gasoline mixed with oil.  Nowadays, communities promote electric equipment versus gas equipment.  AMSOIL can’t help with battery-powered equipment, but switching gas equipment to the best synthetic lubricants and additives helps it run with less smoke!

Competition is Ruining the Industry

Every industry has competition.   Some competitors aren’t worried about brand-quality awareness or customer service.  They only want to make a buck.  You may recognize them as the lowest bidder.  You can choose to lower your prices to try and match their lowball efforts, or you can keep high quality and customer service as a priority.

Explain to your customers why you stand above the rest, rather than lowering your standards and prices.  Maintain a good social media page including photos of your work.  Also, perhaps invest in a website showcasing your work, and feature the high-quality brands you use in your equipment.   AMSOIL is well-known as the best synthetic lubricant and additive on the market.

Your current and potential customers will recognize that AMSOIL means you care about your equipment.  Logically, if you want your equipment to last year after year, you plan to continue providing your signature service.  They will want to stick with your landscaping business as you show commitment to the future.  And that is going to ensure you stay in business year after year.

Growing Your Landscaping Business: AMSOIL Synthetic oil for lawnmowers and yard equipment

Thinner Profit Margins While Growing Your Landscaping Business

You may think the pandemic was tough on growing your landscaping business.  However, the rising costs have continually reduced the profit margins on every business.  Consequently, it’s not as simple as raising your customers’ prices to deal with it.  You need a better strategy to fight inflation and rising material costs.

Accordingly, one way to do it is by decreasing your maintenance costs without reducing equipment output.  Some may choose to buy the cheapest oils on the shelf.  That choice may or may not eventually ruin their equipment.  Instead, look for a higher quality option that reduces your maintenance downtime.

Some of the larger, zero-turn and walk-behind mowers have 4-stroke engines.  Switching to AMSOIL 4 Stroke Power Equipment Oil may lengthen the time between oil changes.  They can run up to 200 hours between oil and filter changes.  In other words, potentially get double the work done without stopping for maintenance.  Switching vehicles to AMSOIL engine and transmission oils also reduces downtime for maintenance.

In light of these details, consider registering for a commercial account. This allows you to buy AMSOIL at the lowest possible prices.  You’ll automatically earn purchase discounts based on your cumulative order total.  You’ll also receive free shipping on orders of $350 or more.

Off-Season Storage

Off-season storage is a problem facing landscaping companies.  In the south, warmer climates allow just a couple months of downtime between seasons.  On the other hand, businesses in colder climates might store equipment up to 6 months.  Also, consider that ethanol is added to most gasolines available at the pump.  Ethanol eats seals, fouls filters, and causes several problems when the equipment is first used.  You may need to use a fuel stabilizer to keep fuel fresh in your equipment.  You may also want to use AMSOIL Quickshot® in equipment that don’t start right up in the spring.

So, the next time you’re looking over your finances, you may have to make some hard decisions on staying competitive.  Are these 5 problems holding your landscaping business back from growing?  You may not be facing all 5 at once, but you might have 1 or 2 in your sights.

If you need help staying competitive, contact We offer AMSOIL products exclusively in our online store.  AMSOIL is used in many landscaping fleets around the country.    We are your local dealer.  Remember, we’re here to help partner with your business for a successful future.

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