Gasoline usage, no matter your vehicle, is not cheap. And, as prices rise and fall, one can’t help but start looking for ways to get more for their money. And, if riding an ATV- be it as part of property management or as a hobby- is part of your routine, then learning how to get the most from your ATV fuel is important.

In looking to get the most fuel economy from your ATV, it is important to recognize that ATVs (as well as UTVs) are not built with the same standards as other vehicles and as such are not subjected to the numerous requirements. In particular, those standards related to EP expectations for fuel consumption. Yes, they must meet basic requirements for sound regulation, pollution, and consumer safety- but fuel consumption, not so much!

So, what can you do to get the most bang for your buck for ATV? There are several steps you can take.

How to Get the Most Fuel Economy for your ATV

Fueling ATVKeep it light – Weighing down your ATV with excess items or equipment means the engine has to work harder, thus using more gas to get places. Think about the most efficient way to pack the things you need so you can improve your MPGs. Also, pulling, pushing, towing, or carrying extra passengers will play a part in extra fuel consumption.

Check the brakes – Be sure that brake calipers and bearings are in good condition. If they are worn or faulty this will cause the engine to work harder. Plus, bad brakes are unsafe, so do yourself a favor and be sure the brakes are in good condition.

Don’t forget the additives- Get better mileage by using Dominator Octane Boost or Quickshot from AMSOIL. You can find these products and other quality synthetics at Buy Great Oil, your local AMSOIL dealer. Using products designed to help your engine stay clean and run more smoothly is an easy way to improve your ATV’s fuel economy as well as protect its many pieces and parts.

Maintain proper air pressure – Just like your car’s tires, having the correct tire pressure affect how well your ATV will handle. Be sure to have the proper amount of air in your ATV’s tires so they can roll more smoothly. Driving your ATV with uneven or too low air pressure will negatively affect fuel economy.

Note the terrain – Rough, uneven ground might be more fun to ride your ATV on, but it also requires more energy and fuel. Consider riding on even ground whenever possible.

Make the most of your ATV investment. Keep it well-maintained, don’t overload it, and use products designed to boost efficiency and fuel economy. This will help you save money and be able to enjoy your ATV ride even more! Then, the only questions will be, when are you going riding, and where will you be exploring?

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