To keep your construction company in the black, you’re always looking for ways to “do more with less”.  This ‘staying in the black’ might be accomplished by working with a purchasing organization and buying top-quality tools.  Likewise, eliminate waste by adhering to the adage of “measure twice, cut once.”  However, there are other ways you can save, for instance, by buying products such as motor oil, lubricants, fluids, etc., in bulk.  When you buy AMSOIL in bulk for your construction business, your company’s bottom line benefits in more ways than one.

While many people don’t think twice about buying food, household cleaners, and other products in bulk, those aren’t the only things that can be purchased in larger quantities.  Businesses can also benefit by having extra products on hand.

Benefits of Buying AMSOIL in Bulk for Your Construction Business

Your construction equipment is only good to you if it is in prime working order.  This includes not just the tires, blades, and handheld tools but the engines and all the working parts under the hood of the big machinery used on a job site.


Buying motor oil, lubricants, and the assorted fluids your construction equipment needs will save you time.  Rather than having to go to the garage to have these items refilled, your crew can add them before leaving the office and beginning their work day.

It can be time-consuming to constantly be doing inventory to see how many bottles of the various items are left on the shelf.  When you buy in bulk, you will know what you started with and have what you need when it’s time to top things off.  Plus, you won’t have to spend as much time placing orders.  You can place large orders 4 to 6 times a year instead of placing numerous small ones.  Have your AMSOIL order delivered right to your company’s location, quickly and efficiently.


Buy AMSOIL in Bulk- Hydraulics

Anytime you can purchase AMSOIL in bulk, you will save money.  Buying in bulk typically results in not paying for shipping and handling costs.  One of the many benefits of an AMSOIL Commercial Account for your construction company is free delivery on orders over $400 (liftgate delivery available).  Also, your AMSOIL Commercial Account provides discount codes or coupons to help further reduce costs on your orders throughout the year.


Having the preventive maintenance products on hand when you need them for your construction vehicles is just easier.  You can order by the case or order by the drum.

Also, having the needed items onsite means you can keep your construction equipment ready to go.  No lag time or inefficiencies because of unplanned garage/maintenance appointments results in more work being done each week.

Personalize Help

If you plan to buy AMSOIL in bulk, set up a commercial account via AMSOIL’s online Commercial Account program and have assigned as your dedicated AMSOIL dealer.  We will be able to answer questions as they apply to your company’s needs.  Likewise, we’ll help you determine the best quantity of supplies needed for your scenario.

Keep your construction business in the black.  Buy AMSOIL in bulk products from to keep moving forward on all your work projects.  Talk to BuyGreatOil to get started.

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