2020 was undoubtedly a year to remember. On the other hand, perhaps it’s a year to forget. It was tough on every industry, especially on big agriculture. Everyone was forced to stay home, consumer buying habits changed, and markets were affected. Agriculture is based on predictive forecasts for crop yields and consumer demand. Forecasts don’t change quickly, so when the buying power changed, big Ag was largely left at a stand-still.

2021 showed a little more openness for consumer travel and dining out, which supports big Ag growing crops for the economy. However, even in 2022, farmers aren’t out of the woods yet. There are still many challenges ahead.

The Ever-Struggling Supply Chain

Supply Chain ChallengesOne of the major problems still facing farmers in 2022 is the struggling supply chain. Farming relies heavily on transportation to get produce from-farm-to-market. Transportation is also key to move products to wholesalers and distributors. The lack of truck drivers, reduced number of trucks on the road, and scarcity of shipping containers puts a strain on the system.

The Pandemic affected more than farms. It affected infrastructure, including delays and shortages of raw materials to manufacture products to support the truckers, who in-turn support the farmers. Products like synthetic oils and lubricants for maintaining tractors and trucking fleets are no exception.

Struggling to Find Qualified Labor in Big Ag

Farmers can’t do it all themselves. They need knowledgeable, experienced workers to operate their farms. Consequently, the past two years were challenging. Pay is one of the largest issues affecting farmers. Due to scarcity in the supply chain, costs continually rise on materials, products, and fuel. Meanwhile, farmer earnings and farm hand employee pay remain flat. Many farms cut costs by deferring equipment maintenance.

Using lubricants that require no specialized training helps with deferred maintenance. AMSOIL lubricants designed specifically for heavy equipment can require less maintenance during busy seasonal times, reducing overall costs. Less required training and less maintenance means farmers can retain extra profit. In turn, farmers can reward employees with bonuses or a bit more hourly pay.

A Focus on Quality and Efficiency in Big Ag

A main focus with AMSOIL has been quality and efficiency improvements in the manufacturing plant. More streamlined operations in production and shipping gets better products to customers quicker. AMSOIL has a Quality Management System in place and is ISO14001: 2015 and QS9001: 2015 certified.

AMSOIL also has 13 distribution centers in North America to quickly ship products once customers place their orders. Accordingly, customers place orders through their dealer or the AMSOIL website.

Sustainability in Big Ag Farming Becomes a National Topic

Farms strive to be more sustainable, and consumers support environmentally safe products that conserve natural resources. AMSOIL uses the best synthetic materials and doesn’t consume natural resources. Consumers that don’t want to use petroleum products can feel good when buying AMSOIL products to service their electric vehicle fleet. They also want to support farms and products conserve the environment through sustainable practices.

As a farmer, you can do exactly that by using AMSOIL in your agricultural equipment.

Start a Commercial Farming Account

Big Ag Supply Chain Fleet MaintenanceIf your farm doesn’t have a commercial AMSOIL account, it should. The Commercial Account Program offers discounts and benefits, and it only takes moments to apply.

AMSOIL will research what your farm needs, and you’ll soon be buying AMSOIL products at wholesale prices, including special options for shipping. Enjoy up to 25% off retail pricing, free shipping on volume orders, and special offers throughout the year. Maintenance plans on every piece of equipment can save your agricultural business significant money.

Stay ahead of your supply chain challenges in 2022. You can reduce or eliminate maintenance problems while you cut operating costs. Choose the right oil and lubricant products, and make a dramatic difference in achieving your fiscal goals.

Buy Great Oil is here to help organize and track your maintenance costs for your farming fleet. If you’re unsure about which AMSOIL products are right for you, feel free to drop us a line.  As your local AMSOIL dealer, we’ll identify the products that best meet your needs.

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