While for many people, racing is a great sport to watch, for the drivers, car owners, and sponsors it is a multi-million-dollar industry.  A racing team’s success rides on not just the driver’s skill, but on how well the vehicle performs.  As such, racing teams are always looking for ways to improve their vehicles and gain a mechanical advantage.

AMSOIL Racing OilOne of the primary ways many teams chose to enhance engine performance is with synthetic oils, lubricants, and boosts.  And to be sure they always have the products they need, when they need them, they order in bulk.  AMSOIL dealer, Buy Great Oil, provides concierge oil service for professional racing teams.  With so many products designed with racing in mind, it is no wonder that many garages have AMSOIL Dominator 5W-20 Racing Oil sitting on their supply shelves.

But what is it about synthetic products that makes them so perfect for the racing industry?

Why Racers Opt for Synthetic Oil

Allows for more intense driving conditions –

Unlike the vehicle used for daily commutes, a race car gets limited but intense usage. When racing, an engine is put under extreme conditions and needs to perform at its maximum capability. Keep in mind, for large races a stock car may go as many as 500 laps. That is a serious workout for an engine, so synthetic oil is the ideal solution.

Better protection –

This intense speed means more friction, heat and grinding of gears and assorted parts. The everyday oil used by your work car doesn’t have what it takes to protect a racecar from track performance. AMSOIL racing oil is formulated with zinc additives to provide a more effective barrier between your car’s moving metal parts.

Too hot to handle –

All those intense speeds of the track mean a hotter engine. A high-quality racing oil from AMSOIL is formulated to provide superior wear and oxidation resistance. They are built with a base oil crafted to encourage peak engine performance.

Viscosity Index –

Often referred to as just VI or pour point, the base oils are identified by their thickness, how many saturates such as paraffin and naphthene they comprise, their flash point, and several other factors. They are divided into Groups I – IV, with Group IV being the highest quality. However, the best way to determine which oil will be best for your racecar is likely to be a trial and error.

Thinking about getting involved with the racing industry? Perhaps, you are just curious about what makes it go ‘round and ‘round? Maybe, you just want your car to handle – just a little- like those you watch racing. Or, more importantly, your garage needs to make lube and engine jobs quicker and easier to accomplish? If so, then look no further than your local AMSOIL dealer, Buy Great Oil. There you will find all the products you need to keep a car engine purring.


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