AMSOIL Synthetics in Landscaping Equipment

Landscaping equipment is expensive.  As such, it’s important to take care of it properly. You’ll want to get as many years using it as possible. With that in mind, residential and commercial owners alike need to make time for basic maintenance tasks.  Preventive and routine maintenance tasks include cleaning lawnmower blades, keeping the top of the mower debris-free, changing spark plugs, and seeing that fluid levels are as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Using AMSOIL synthetic oil in your vehicles and equipment makes a big difference.

And while some of these tasks are not product-dependent, people often get confused about fluids. Specifically, consumers and businesses want to know the type of oil that’s best for maintaining mowers and other landscaping equipment.

10 Advantages of AMSOIL Synthetic Oil over Conventional Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in LawncareIt is important to start with the basics to keep your lawn care equipment in prime working condition. For instance, choosing synthetic oil over traditional mineral oil. Consider these advantages from a study by Consumer Reports:

  • Synthetic oil will keep your engine cleaner longer because it combats the build-up of sludge and reduces deposits.
  • Synthetics do not break down as easily or quickly.  So, you don’t have to change them as frequently.
  • In four-stroke engine designs, synthetic helps it work better when temperatures get high.  To determine which grade of oil will be best for your lawn equipment and regional temperature, talk to, your local AMSOIL synthetics retailer, for the right AMSOIL products.  In most situations, AMSOIL’s 10W-30 small engine oil will be perfect for all your lawn care equipment needs.
  • As the primary purpose of oil is to keep the moving parts lubricated, using a synthetic offers better protection, thus reducing wear and tear. In addition, it is designed with the molecular needs of the engine in mind to keep things working effectively and efficiently longer.
  • Unlike traditional oils, synthetic oils do not acidify or oxidize.
  • Synthetics offer more protection and power.
  • For small equipment involving fuel-oil mixtures, a synthetic oil like AMSOIL Saber produces significantly less smoke and runs cleaner/cooler.
  • If you use landscaping equipment designed for hauling, opting for synthetic oil will protect against engine strain- especially when temperatures are above average.
  • With conventional oil, you typically need to change the oil after 50 hours of usage; with a synthetic, you can get up to 200 hours of mowing done between oil changes.
  • Designed to reduce piston ring and cylinder wear, synthetic oil allows your mower to get the maximum engine compression.
  • Because of how synthetic is manufactured and used, it is cleaner than mineral oil and has fewer emissions making it better for the environment.

If you have been uncertain if switching to synthetic oil would be better for your lawn care equipment, now is the time to make a change.  Check out Buy Great Oil to learn more.

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