Is AMSOIL Synthetic Grease Right for You?

Maintenance is a major longevity factor for machinery and equipment.  Oil changes and lubrication are essential parts of the routine.  Likewise, greasing fittings and moving parts is part of the checklist.   AMSOIL’s catalog of synthetic greases contains products to keep machinery and equipment running smoothly.  We’ll review each AMSOIL grease offering and highlight where you should use them to keep everything moving smoothly:


Dominator Synthetic Racing Grease – Dominator grease is perfect for high-performance conditions that demand the best protection.  You need a grease to withstand high heat and high load.  The Dominator grease provides superior protection for maximum performance with bearings and chassis components.  Dominator grease combines a high-viscosity synthetic base oil with a high-quality calcium sulfonate thickener.  It is exceptional for mechanical stability, high dropping point, and high load-carrying performance.  Dominator offers protection against corrosion and does not wash out when subjected to water like mineral-based greases do.  It is great in all temperature conditions, whether lows seen in winter racing or highs of desert racing.  Accordingly, it keeps you competitive year-round.  The Dominator comes in a 14-oz cartridge that will fits most grease guns.  This makes it easy to use when you need it.


Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease (GPOR #1) – AMSOIL offers two different off-road greases for equipment used in undesirable conditions.  For example, the GPOR #1 grease works well in conditions 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.  It combines an over-based calcium-sulfonate complex thickener and proprietary synthetic polymeric technology.  It handles the toughest weather conditions for off-road equipment.  For example, it works with heavy-duty machinery often overlooked.  Polymeric Grease #1 is able to stay in place when the equipment is heavily loaded, squeezing lubricated joints to their full-strength potential.   GPOR #1 provides maximum pound-out resistance over extended service intervals.  Accordingly, it provides protection even in wet environments where mineral-based greases fail.  It is available in a 15-oz cartridge for most grease guns.  And it should be applied in temperatures above 0 degrees due to the high viscosity at sub-zero temperatures.

Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease (GPOR #2) – AMSOIL offers an additional off-road and heavy equipment grease with excellent pound-out resistance.  GPOR #2 is specifically designed for equipment that operates in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  It stays adhered well in wet environments as the GPOR #1 does.  And it is 5% moly-fortified for maximum wear protection.  Therefore, this grease meets Caterpillar’s stringent requirements for heavy-equipment durability.  Similarly, the GPOR #2 comes in a 15-oz cartridge perfect for most pumping grease guns.  Likewise, it’s recommended for application in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit due to the viscosity.


Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis, and Equipment Grease (NLGI #1) – This is for mixed fleets with medium to heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.  AMSOIL offers a medium-duty grease that services mixed fleets and keep everything running smoothly.  NLGI #1 protects against all weather conditions including fleets of dump trucks, over-the-road (OTR) or long-haul commercial fleets with semi-trucks.  The exceptional adhesion keeps grease in place under extreme high-pressure loads and under any moisture conditions.  It’s available in a 14-oz cartridge, 35 pound lug, 120 pound keg, or a 400 pound drum.  Whether you have a smaller commercial fleet or a large industrial fleet to service, the NLGI #1 keeps you covered.

Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis, and Equipment Grease (NLGI #2) – If you have a mixed fleet not requiring grease down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, consider NLGI #2.  The largest differences between NLGI #1 and NLGI #2 greases is protected metal penetration into the surface and base oil viscosities.  The NLGI #1 penetrates deeper into the metal due to the lower viscosity.  It has a value approximately one-third of the NLGI #2 when tested at 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you need a thicker grease for your commercial fleet to withstand constant temperature and pressure under load, this is the better choice.  It is also available in a 14-oz cartridge, 35 pound lug, 120 pound keg, or a 400 pound drum.


Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease (NLGI #2) – The AMSOIL multi-purpose grease is optimum for multiple applications.  It’s designed for mixed fleets between light-duty truck fleets, manufacturing facilities, and general automotive care.  It has great properties to handle high-heat, heavy moisture, and extended service time between maintenance.  Use it for commercial applications with presses, grinders, gears, industrial bearings, and manufacturing equipment in industrial settings.  Mixed fleets of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks use it to keep the fleet chassis running efficiently.  Likewise, the do-it-yourselfer uses it on their personal vehicles just the same.  It is available in a single 14-oz cartridge, three 3-oz cartridges for a mini-applicator, a 35 pound lug, a 120 pound keg, or a 400 pound drum.  This makes it easy to grab just the right size for your maintenance work.


Synthetic Water Resistant Grease – For some enthusiasts, boating and off-road riding may be their weekend excitement.  The Water Resistant Grease is a perfect choice for UTVs, ATVs, and boat trailers.  These vehicles see regular wet conditions and need stable, moisture-tolerant grease for protection.  AMSOIL Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease offers superior wet-duty performance.  It demonstrates extra durable cohesive and adhesive chemistry, protecting equipment when exposed to extreme wet conditions.  Likewise, it meets the extreme performance standards set by the National Lubrication Grease Institute (NLGI) for wheel bearing and chassis applications.  This makes it the perfect choice for your weekend adventure.  Use it with automotive wheel bearings, chassis or other applications.  Currently, it is available in a single 14-oz cartridge, three 3-oz cartridges for a mini-applicator, a 35 pound lug, or a 120 pound keg.

Arctic Synthetic Grease – Whether you operate a commercial fleet or just like snow adventures, Arctic Synthetic Grease protects metal under the coldest conditions.  Use it in sub-freezing temperatures.  It offers low temperature pumpability to keep your equipment running smoothly.  Artic Synthetic Grease is only available in a single 15-oz cartridge for a grease gun application.


High-Viscosity Lithium-Complex Synthetic Grease – The AMSOIL High-Viscosity Synthetic Grease is a lithium-complex-thickened grease.  This grease is a mix with ISO 320 synthetic base oils.  This grease is infused with additional additives to provide extreme-pressure protection and oxidation resistance.  It also provides corrosion protection.  AMSOIL High-Viscosity Synthetic Grease maintains its high viscosity and consistency in environments with surface-to-surface contact.  Likewise, it resists washing out in wet conditions.  It’s ideal for industrial settings that require long service times and increased uptime for maximum production output.  In order to apply it, clean as much of the old grease off surfaces before applying new grease.  Accordingly, keep the temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit in continuous service, or less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit in intermittent service.  It is available in a single 14-oz cartridge, a 35 pound lug, or a 120 pound keg.


Semi-Fluid 00 Synthetic EP Grease – AMSOIL Semi-Fluid 00 Synthetic EP is a high –viscosity grease.  It is made with ISO 460 synthetic base oils and an additive package.  Therefore, it provides superior protection in shock-loading applications. These types of uses typically breakdown normal oils and greases and lead to damaging metal contact. Its best uses are in industrial settings where there is a need to resist water intrusion and protect against metal corrosion that will lead to equipment and machine failure.

The additives included help with heat tolerance and provide a low coefficient of friction to reduce pumping losses.  Beyond the standard industrial setting, AMSOIL Semi-Fluid 00 EP resolves problems with leaking gearboxes and hard-to-maintain items in your vehicle fleet.  One such application is a truck wheel hub as outlined in RP 631B, issued by The Technical and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association.  Likewise, use it in mower gearboxes, farm equipment, trailer bearings, and steering axles in normal or low temperature conditions.  Of note, this grease is only available in a 35-lb pail, and should be kept in a cool, dry area between freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is also recommended to avoid mixing with other greases or fluids when changing and flush the system as best as possible.


Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease – Whether you’re hauling an RV with a fifth wheel or commercial hauling cargo, your fifth wheel takes a lot of abuse.  Likewise, it endures significant wear between the plate and trailer.  AMSOIL 5th wheel grease keeps friction between the plate and trailer to a minimum.  It allows the trailer to pivot easily side to side as you turn.  This grease is compatible with other greases, but you should clean all surfaces before applying new Fifth Wheel Grease.  Doing so provides an extended time between services and basic maintenance.  It is only available in a smaller 10-oz tube since you won’t use much at time of application.


Spray Grease – AMSOIL Spray Grease is perfect for applying to the hard-to-reach places like hinges, springs.  Likewise, use it on chains, nuts and bolts, and thrust bearings.  It comes in a 10-oz spray can and is unfortunately not available in Canada.


AMSOIL Deluxe Grease Gun Kit – It is tough to find a grease gun that works with the smaller cartridge sizes.  Most auto parts stores and online retailers sell grease guns that house the larger 14 or 15-oz cartridges.  AMSOIL offers a grease gun kit to fit the 3 oz package size.  The gun produces 3,500 psi of pressure.  The AMSOIL grease gun applies grease smoothly, leaving no grease in the tube.  The deluxe grease gun has an adjustable coupler that positively connects with any zerk fitting.  Additionally, the kit includes two attachment hoses.  One is solid, and one is flexible.

Pick the application and environment, and AMSOIL covers you:  hot, cold, on the road, off-road, or even over-the-road.  Your local AMSOIL dealer helps you keep your equipment and vehicles maintained.  Find the Amsoil Dealer near you at

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