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Winter months bring snow, sleet, and rain.  On the contrary, spring is just around the corner.  Your boat and marine equipment may have been in storage for a couple months.  However, it’s time to prepare them for a summer of aquatic adventure.  Your local AMSOIL dealer provides a complete array of marine products for summer fun preparation.  Let’s take a look at what you need to get your boat and marine equipment out of storage:

AMSOIL Marine Motor Oil Grades

Most enthusiasts change their outboard engine oil before putting their boat in service.  If you didn’t last year before putting everything in storage, now is a great time to change the oil.  AMSOIL offers three 4-stroke marine engine oils depending on what you need:


10W-30 Synthetic: This oil is perfect for gasoline powered outboard, inboard, inboard/outboard, and personal watercraft.  It will hold up to the high heat and stress of a high RPM engine without worry of breakdown.  It doesn’t matter if you have a Honda, Johnson/Evinrude, Yamaha, Mercury, Bombardier/BRP, Suzuki, Nissan, Tohatsu, OMC, Volvo-Penta, Mercruiser, Chevrolet, or Ford.  This oil will do well keeping your engine ready for the next fishing trip and adventure.  One additional benefit is that it is NMMA FC-W Catalyst Certified.  It won’t negatively affect your exhaust components for clean emissions.


10W-40 Synthetic: If you need a little more viscosity at higher temperature, check out the 10W40 AMSOIL synthetic for marine applications.  It offers the same high heat and RPM protection with more viscosity at the higher temperatures.  Change it at the engine or watercraft manufacturer interval due to fuel dilution or water contamination.  If you run an inboard/outboard or inboard, change it at twice the manufacturer recommendation or once per year.  It does well in all brands of engines and watercraft similar to the 10W30 marine oil.


25W-40 Synthetic Blend: The 25W40 AMSOIL synthetic blend oil is designed for boats and marine watercraft that see high steady RPMs.  A boat running 30mph on water may have the engine running at 5,000rpm.  Over time it can overheat or stress the engine.  The 25W40 has excellent shear stability to offer maximum protection against thermal breakdown.  It also inhibits rust corrosion under load.  AMSOIL marine motor oil exceeds the NMMA FC-W (four cycle – water) specifications.  In other words, it has great protection under any conditions on the water.  Similar to the other oils, change at 2x the recommended interval of the engine manufacturer or every year.

Two-Stroke Engines

If you run a 2-stroke engine that requires fuel mixed with oil, don’t feel left out.  AMSOIL offers 2-stroke performance engine oil and a pre-mix option to make it easy to keep your outboard running strong.  These two choices will keep your boat running on the water this year:

HP Marine 2-Stroke: The HP Marine oil offers maximum protection for modern 2-stroke engines, direct fuel injection engines with leaner mix ratios.  Emissions are always an issue on the water.  The HP Marine offers excellent protection while running leaner mix ratios.  Modern DFI systems are harsh on engine oils as they run hotter.  They’re also prone to ring deposits and exhaust valve buildup.  The HP Marine oil uses MAXDOSE, a system of super additives that keeps the engine clean.  Likewise, it offers superior lubricity for ring protection and eliminates deposits and build up that destroy engine performance.  Evinrude has the E-TEC system that runs a factory-lean, and even the HP Marine oil outperforms where it counts on this system.  It’s a perfect choice for 2-stroke engines that require TC-W3 designation.

Outboard 100:1 Pre-Mix Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil: The outboard pre-mix is designed for water-cooled outboards that require great throttle response.  It offers low or no exhaust smoke. The Pre-Mix excels at limiting or elimination varnish build up and carbon and deposit formation seen at low-speed start-up and trolling speeds.  It reduces friction inside the engine to prevent ring sticking, exhaust valve blockage, and eliminate rust from forming due to the wet operating environment. The Outboard Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is backed by AMSOIL Limited Warranty.  Accordingly, it can be used in any brand of outboard without worry of voiding your factory warranty.

AMSOIL Marine Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Marine Engine Oil Wrap Up

Whether you run a 4-stroke outboard engine or a 2-stroke inboard/outboard, your local AMSOIL dealer can help you keep your marine equipment running smoothly.  As you know, AMSOIL provides maximum protection and minimum emissions.  The emissions restrictions are continually driving older engines out of the water.  But AMSOIL’s research and development is staying ahead of the curve.  Be confident that adding AMSOIL marine motor oil at your next oil change interval will keep you running on the water, whether at high speed or low speed.  Visit BuyGreatOil.com for every product you need to keep your marine watercraft in top shape.

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