The Pomona Swap Meet is a colossal car event.  It’s a rain-or-shine event that happens seven times per year at Fairplex in Pomona, CA. (1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768).  Expect hundreds of classic cars in six different car corrals.  And there will be vendors selling rare and hard-to-find car parts to complete your repairs or restorations!  You’ll find cars for sale, cars for show, parts and accessories.  If you’re looking for AMSOIL, you can buy great oil, too.  For AMSOIL, Los Angeles has a BuyGreatOil as your point-of-contact.  And the Pomona Car Show and Swap Meet is the place to be!

AMSOIL at Pomona Car Show, Pomona CAWhether you’re attending just to look or if you intend to buy, remember to take care of what’s under the hood of your vehicle! That means oil, transmission fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze coolant and so on. You might see some such products at the swap meet, but there’s more than meets the eye when you’re dealing with classics and vintage cars.

BEFORE YOU ATTEND The Pomona Swap Meet

The last thing you want to do, though, is get saddled by lugging bottles or boxes of oil around the swap meet grounds.  Check out the map. It’s a big event.  In addition, it makes more sense to save money (by buying at a discount) and have your oil delivered to your door. That’s where the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program comes into play. Register as an AMSOIL customer and get the right synthetic oil for your specific make and model vehicle—what you need, when you need it!

One important detail you won’t want to overlook: Buy AMSOIL in Pomona and Los Angeles from a dealer actively servicing your area.  But also ensure your dealer has experience as a mechanic, so your hard-to-answer questions are satisfied, as well!

Disabled Vet AMSOIL Dealership

What Uses AMSOIL at the Pomona Swap Meet?

From motorcycles to street rods, to antiques, Corvettes, Camaros, and more—They ALL require preventive maintenance. Along with hard-to-find parts for these cars, it can be hard to find the right synthetic oil to extend the life of their engines. You’re passionate about cars. BuyGreatOil is passionate about taking care of them. And BuyGreatOil services Los Angeles, including AMSOIL in Pomona!

To buy AMSOIL in Pomona, as well as any other lubricants for your vehicles, BuyGreatOil is a veteran-owned dealership for AMSOIL synthetics. Register as a Preferred Customer and you’ll get personalized oil concierge service to meet your vehicles’ maintenance needs. The owner, Alan Cook, is a skilled, experienced mechanic who’s happy to provide tips and resources for keeping your cars in top-performing condition.

Enjoy the Pomona Swap Meet and Car Show! And be sure to visit BuyGreatOil online for discounted pricing, personalized service, and to find AMSOIL in Pomona, CA.

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