All you need to know about AMSOIL’s Easy Pack

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ve most likely changed every fluid in your own vehicle.  The engine oil is usually pretty easy.  Drop the drain plug, add a new gasket putting it back in, and screw on a new oil filter.  The transmission oil can be just as easy if it’s a manual transmission.  If it’s an automatic transmission, it may be a little more complicated if you need to remove the transmission pan to remove a filter.  While all of those aren’t too bad to do, there is one oil change that most do-it-yourselfers don’t look forward to.  That is an oil change for a differential.  Introducing The AMSOIL Easy Pack!

A Differential Oil Change

AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy PackThere are a few things that make the differential oil change one of the worst to do.  First, the smell of gear oil is usually one of the most pungent oils used in a vehicle.  You can smell it from across a room.  Beyond the smell, access to the differential is usually difficult.  The fill plugs are usually on the upper half of the differential casing or the bolt-on cover, and usually hard to reach with a normal gear lube bottle.  If the bottle doesn’t reach, you need a small pump that will fit into the bottle.  And run a tube into the fill plug opening on the differential case.  Even if you don’t spill any gear oil using the pump, you rarely can get the tube clean.  And it ends up dripping gear oil somewhere in storage.

Knowing how difficult the differential oil change can be, AMSOIL has come up with a new solution that aims to make the job easier, cleaner, and have less waste. Now available from Authorized Amsoil Dealer BuyGreatOil!

Check out the features of the AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy Pack:

New Container Design
  • The rigid plastic bottle that most gear oil is sold in is typically difficult to fit into a small space around the differential.  Instead of a rigid bottle, AMSOIL is now offering gear oil in a squeezable pouch that can easily conform into small spaces. The flexible pouch makes it easy to fill the differential, and you’ll leave less in the pouch when you’re done.  Think of it like a tube of toothpaste.  You can slowly roll it up as the gear oil fills the differential and you will leave very little in the pouch.
Familiar Container Size
  • Most competitor bottle sizes are 32-ounces. Mobil 1, Pennzoil, you name it.  They are 32-ounces.  The AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy Pack pouch is also 32-ounces.  If you’re used to using that size and know how many containers are needed for the job, there’s no change.  The new pouch keeps it simple.  With the new packaging design you get more oil out of the container.   That can save you money in the long-run.
Container Durability
  • The plastic bottle is the industry standard.  It’s durable, puncture resistant, easily packaged in a box for shipping, and very easy to handle.  You may question if a pouch can live up to that. Don’t fear the pouch.  It’s extremely durable and has passed durability tests including a 1,100 pound weight placed on the full pouch.
Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • When you’re done with a differential oil change, you can recycle the oil at your local auto parts store or oil change chain.  The bottles, well they typically go into the trash and later into a landfill.  Plastic is recyclable until you have gear oil in it.  Then it unfortunately becomes garbage.  Compacting the pouch after each use ensures you have less to throw away.  An empty plastic bottle takes up space in the garbage.  The pouch can be folded very thin and takes up a marginal amount of space in comparison. It also takes less plastic to make the pouch, which saves materials from being used in the first place.
Easy Pour Spout
  • The AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy Pack comes with its own spout attached to the pouch.  You don’t need the extra pump and tube.  That saves the cost of buying it and the hassle of it dripping later on. Simply use the spout to quickly fill the differential with virtually no mess. No need for extra hoses, funnels or any other tools to fill your differential.

When you’re about to tackle another differential oil change, be sure to talk to Amsoil Dealer Alan Cook at about the new Easy Pack.  It makes the job using the best synthetic oil easier, cleaner, and leaves less waste at the end.  That will help your bottom line and keep your differential serviced well.

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