Learn all about AMSOIL’s Coolant Boost

When winter arrives, it’s no fun to jump in your vehicle and wait for it to heat up.  You want to turn the key and be on the road as quick as possible. The worst part is waiting for it to warm up to heat the passenger cabin.  That’s where AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost comes into play.

In the summer, you worry about the opposite:  The car battles too much heat.  Your coolant transfers the engine heat to the radiator.  Once there, it’s released into the air from the radiator surface before the coolant returns back to the engine.

The best of both worlds is staying cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.  The question would be how to do it. Well AMSOIL has the answer, and it’s called the Dominator Coolant Boost.

AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost

What Is AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost?

The Dominator Coolant Boost increases heat transfer inside the radiator and cylinder heads.  It is a liquid formulated with proprietary tiered surfactant technology.  Dominator boosts your engine’s ability to move heat into the coolant and back to the radiator.   for expulsion into the atmosphere. It also provides your heater core the ability to release that heat into the passenger cabin for a comfortable ride in the colder months of the year.

If you’re a racer, you know that heat can be the enemy of making power, and most racetracks don’t allow antifreeze in the cooling system because it’s very time consuming to clean up if spilled on the track.  Typically, most run straight distilled water in their cooling systems to compete on the track. Water is an effective liquid to transfer heat away from the engine, but the Dominator Coolant Boost aids that transfer even more.  Another benefit, it is able to resist corrosion attributed to running solely water in the cooling system.

For the non-racers out there, the AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost is beneficial for the corrosion inhibitor as you’re most likely running a distilled water and antifreeze mixture.  The optimum ratio is typically 50% water to 50% antifreeze, but some climates may vary that depending on the outside temperature range throughout the year. Higher outside temperatures can benefit from a mixture containing more distilled water as water aids cooling better than antifreeze.  For climates that see less heat in the summer, but far colder temperatures in the winter, they may benefit from more antifreeze than water to keep the coolant mixture from freezing or expanding in as the temperature drops to extreme lows.

But What About Quality?

When it comes to products claiming to be better, there is always a little skepticism if it can really stand up to the claims.  How much is really better? Is it really worth the cost? These are all valid questions, and AMSOIL put their product to the test to show what the Dominator Coolant Boost is capable of.  Here is the proof of what it can do:

  • For the claim that it can reduce engine temperatures, they added the Dominator Coolant Boost to a 50/50 water to antifreeze mix and to straight water.  For the 50/50 mix, it reduced the running engine temperature by 8 degrees Fahrenheit. When mixing with 100% water, the running engine temperature decreased 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Both tests involved an aluminum blocked Chevy V8 with aluminum cylinder heads run at 4,500 rpms until the temperature stabilized.
  • When comparing warm up times, AMSOIL started with an engine at 30 degrees Fahrenheit to simulate winter conditions.  The test ran with a 50/50 water-to-antifreeze mixture.  Straight distilled water would freeze at this low temperature.  The engine ran at idle to simulate driver’s habits on cold winter mornings.  Testers recorded times when the engine reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and then again at 180 degrees.  When the engine ran at idle, it took 6.3 minutes to raise the coolant temperature from 30 degrees to 120.  It then took an additional 5 minutes to reach 180 degrees (a total of 11.3 minutes).  After the AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost was added, the same test was run. The engine started at 30 degrees, but reached 120 degrees in just 3.2 minutes! That’s half the time and 3 minutes sooner to start getting warmth in the passenger cabin of your vehicle.  Reaching the 180 degree mark took an additional 2.1 minutes (a total of 5.3 minutes from 30 to 180 degrees). That’s less than half the time compared to the 50/50 mixture without the additive. Imagine jumping in a warmer car is less than half the time every morning on those cold winter month commutes.

What about Corrosion Testing?

  • Testers added Dominator Coolant Boost to straight water to evaluate corrosion resistance.  It was also tested against water without the additive.  Both were tested against the industry standard method defined by ASTM D2570. That testing uses six different metals submerged in the water or coolant additive mixed with water solutions for 1,064 hours at 190 degrees Fahrenheit.  To say the additive made a difference would be an understatement.  The water-only bath failed all testing with the six different common metals (copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron, and cast aluminum). It allowed the metals to corrode beyond the pass rate.  The Dominator additive allowed minimal corrosion with brass and copper, but none in the other metals. All passed with flying colors.

AMSOIL Dominator Test Results

With the testing showing the benefits of the additive, it must be hard to add to your current vehicle, right?  Wrong. It’s simple. With your engine and cooling system cold (or cool), simply add the prescribed amount of additive into your radiator.  If you’re running water only in a racing application, add 2 fluid ounces of additive for every quart of water. For non-racing environments running an antifreeze and water mixture, drop the amount to 1 fluid ounce of additive for every quart of antifreeze.  In either case, put the radiator cap back on and run the vehicle for 15 minutes to allow the additive to flow throughout the complete cooling system.

Once the AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost has been added, you should run it for a year before adding more or replacing it.  If racing, drain and refill the complete cooling system every year. If running an antifreeze and water mixture, add Coolant Boost every year or at every 30,000 miles.  Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s coolant change frequency.  Add the additive during a cooling system flush.

AMSOIL’s limited lifetime warranty covers the additive.  If you’re not sure how that benefits you, or you need more information on the coolant additive, be sure to visit BuyGreatOil.com .  They can help with the product, combine it with AMSOIL’s coolant mixture, and also get your vehicle completely setup with AMSOIL products to reduce your maintenance costs and lengthen maintenance intervals.  Be safe out there.

AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost

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