All About AMSOIL’s Bypass Filtration Systems

If you’re driving a diesel-powered vehicle, it’s most likely a tool and not a toy.  Diesels are work horses that typically tow and haul. Rarely are they a commuter vehicle just meant to drive around town or take on a long-distance vacation retreat.  If you’re using it for travel, it may be more of a recreational vehicle like an RV than just a truck or van. With being a work horse, your diesel needs to stay running with the durability and longevity as a key criterion to keeping your business running smoothly.


Durability and longevity can mean the difference between profits and breaking even, so keeping your diesel running strong can affect your bottom line.  What if AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil could keep your diesel running stronger, longer?  And what if it reduces the downtime and cost for oil changes?  Wouldn’t that be worth investigating?

AMSOIL offers a bypass oil filtration system that extends the time and miles between oil changes.  That extended service allows you to keep your vehicle on the road longer for your business.  Likewise, it helps extend vacations.  All of that extra comes without additional risk of less protection on your vehicle’s engine.

The oil bypass filtration system has two configurations: a single bypass filter or a dual bypass filter set-up.  Both offer great protection.  The main difference is the available room in the engine compartment for the remote filtration set-up.

The Single Bypass System

The single oil bypass filtration system uses a remote mount filter that obtains oil from a pressurized oil port.  It could be such as the oil pressure sending unit mount on the engine.  Alternatively, it can be installed with an oil filter adaptor plate.  The bypass filter can be placed anywhere in the engine bay with enough space for the spin-on oil filter and mount. The remote filter will screen ~10% of the oil in the engine for additional particulate filtration.  It also removes smaller particles than the standard full-flow oil filter will.

Standard motor oil filters will filter out particulates down to about 20-microns, but the spin-on bypass filter will screen out particulates down to 2-microns. That additional filtration will keep your oil cleaner and won’t allow the smaller particulates back into the engine to wear the bearings inside the engine or the turbo (if you have an engine oil cooled turbocharger).  Beyond the filtration, the remote bypass filter adds extra oil capacity and allows additional cooling of the oil as it leaves the engine, flows through the filter, then returns to the engine oil pan.

The Dual Bypass System

The dual bypass system relocates the full-slow oil filter to a remote location with the bypass filter for convenient oil filter changes.  In place of the full-flow filter on the engine, an adapter is added that allows oil to leave the engine and travel to the filter system location.  Once filtered, the oil returns to the same adapter and goes back into the engine. With the dual bypass system, it also adds extra oil capacity to the complete oiling system.  It also adds additional cooling opportunity as the oil travels to and from the engine.  The filtering capability is the same as the single filter bypass and filters out particulates down to 2-microns.

Choosing Your Specific Application

AMSOIL does offer specialized oil bypass kits for some Ford, Dodge/Ram, Chevrolet/GMC, Nissan, other heavy-duty applications, and a universal kit.

If you own a Ford 7.3L or 6.7L engine, you have the choice between a dual bypass or a single bypass system.  The 6.4L and 6.0L engines have a single bypass kit available for purchase.  If you own a Chevrolet or GMC with a 6.6L engine, you have a dual or single bypass filter option available. Dodge and Ram products have a complete single bypass kit available for the 6.7L engine and the 2004-2007 5.9L engines. For the Nissan 5.0L engine, a single bypass filter option is available. For heavy-duty applications, AMSOIL offers a single bypass filtration system with a large remote bypass filter.

Beyond the single filter option, AMSOIL has a DUAL-GUARD bypass system.  It adds two bypass filters in conjunction with the normal full-flow oil filter for extra filtration capacity. If your vehicle isn’t included under the specific kits listed, you can choose the universal single or dual bypass set-ups.  They can be installed to any vehicle. Learn more about your specific vehicle application here.

Installing the Bypass System

Every vehicle is a little different for space constraints under the hood.  AMSOIL offers a universal oil bypass system to adapt to any vehicle, regardless of make and model.  Your location should be as close to the engine and full-flow filter location as possible.  This reduces the potential for motor oil leaks and oil pressure loss.  Also stay away from the engine exhaust. Heat radiating from the exhaust system could damage the bypass filtration components.   The mounting placement should be in a vibration free area.  Likewise, it should be out of the way from potential contact with road debris or off-road obstacles.  This keeps the system out of harm’s way of contact and the reduced vibration will not stress the mount.

Your diesel is a tool that allows you to work and keep your business running.  Keeping it running smoothly is a small part of a profitable business.  AMSOIL products have bypass kits that will increase the filtration of your engine oil down to 2-microns.  This extends the service time with greater protection.  Contact to discuss a kit designed for your specific vehicle and how to install it under the hood for maximum protection. It can reduce your overall synthetic oil change cost and secure longevity for your vehicle.

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