No matter why you bought your ATV, chances are that you didn’t purchase it to slowly meander down the road.  Most likely, it was for the opportunity for adventure, exploring those wide-open spaces, and maybe making it a bit easier to get to another part of your property.  (After all, you had to have a practical reason, right?).  Using AMSOIL in your ATV

If you have never thought about upgrading your ATV’s power or maybe you have, but still haven’t done so then now is the time to start upgrading.  Better yet, many of the changes can be made without having to spend a significant amount of money!

Getting More from Your ATV

ATV Upgrades with AMSOILBefore making any upgrades, you may be wondering if your safety will be affected by the changes. Rest assured, you can still ride safely even after making upgrades.  Any time you ride your ATV and push it to go faster (or ride it harder) without having upgraded its parts you put extra strain on its engine and suspension.  By making these safety upgrades and doing routine maintenance, you extend the life of your ATV.

One thing to keep in mind when making upgrades is whether the upgrades affect your manufacturer’s warranty.  Be sure to check before beginning any of the following upgrades.  When using AMSOIL products you can rest with peace-of-mind.  AMSOIL’s Warranty Secure policy explains how AMSOIL products do not void your warranty.

ATV Upgrades to Consider:

  • Use Quality Fuel – Choose to use higher octane fuel to give better performance.  If you are traveling and are uncertain if high octane fuel is available, consider bringing along a fuel additive such as Dominator Octane Boost from AMSOIL, available through Buy Great Oil.
  • Flush out the fuel tank – This is especially helpful in older ATVs, but it never hurts to do this with any ATV.  Flushing the fuel tank will get rid of any sediment, debris, water, rust, or any other elements that can build up over time and affect the efficiency of the ATV’s engine.  A cleaner engine means more power.
  • Add a Turbocharger – Perhaps one of the fastest ways to get more power is to install a turbocharger.  This will redirect the exhaust gasses thus stopping the loss of power due to air leaving the exhaust pipe.  But the turbocharger doesn’t affect the overall weight of the ATV.  In addition, the turbocharger adds more torque without needing to update the engine.  Just a note of advice: unless you are a mechanic, don’t do this upgrade yourself.
  • Tire pressure – This is an easy and free upgrade, assuming you own a tire pressure gauge and air pump already.  Simply ensure your tires are inflated to the right pressure makes for a smoother ride.  You can also add more to your ride by choosing smaller tires as this will mean less weight, assuming the terrain allows it.
  • Don’t Forget to Grease up! – There are quite a few parts on your ATV that work better with an occasional greasing.  These parts include ones that pivot, the suspension, the wheel bearings, and steering.  A great product for this AMSOIL’s Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2.

Is your ATV ready for your next adventure?  Now is the time to get it geared up and ready to go.  Then look out open spaces!  It will be time to ride.

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