A guide to 0W-16 oil

If you’ve been keeping an eye on newer cars lately, you recognize that small displacement engines are utilizing turbochargers more to add extra horsepower.  Direct injection is becoming more common to all new engine generations.


Turbochargers were first used in the 1920s on airplanes.  They really didn’t make a debut on automobiles until the 1970s and when the gas shortage affected the automotive industry.  It was then they started to be used more frequently to increase power without a larger engine displacement.  That is the same today, with fuel economy and more power being the leading two factors they have made a triumphant return.

Direct Injection

Direct injection is utilized on more vehicles in the last few years.  ‘Direct’ indicates that there is a fuel injector that sprays directly into the combustion chamber, rather than spraying into the intake manifold to for the air/fuel mixture.  Turbochargers and direct injection both increase engine performance, which means you need an oil matched with performing just as well.

A guide to 0W-16 oil

AMSOIL has an oil to meet the challenge of the newest turbocharged, small-displacement, and direct-injection engines.  These high-performance engines demand peak performance: 0W-16 OE Synthetic Oil does the job.  Change the OE Synthetic line at the interval your automobile manufacturer recommends.  That may be 3,500, 4,000, or even upwards of 5,000 miles.

The AMSOIL OE Synthetic Line (OW-16 oil)

The AMSOIL OE Synthetic line has been tested against the Peugeot TU3M wear test (CEC L-38-A-94).  The Peugeot test is the benchmark concerning the engine oil protection for camshafts and internal engine components.  The GM Dexos 1 Gen 2 specification also notes the Peugeot standard must be passed.  Accordingly, AMSOIL’s OE Synthetic Oil beats the GM Dexos 1 Gen 2 standard by 47% on limiting wear on your high performing engine.

The Push for Better Performance

As automobile manufacturers push engines to perform better while increasing fuel efficiency, your oil needs to be up to the task.  Limiting wear is just the first hurdle.  What about pre-ignition, high heat protection, and low emissions?  AMSOIL’s OE synthetic oil decreases the chances of pre-ignition to zero.  That right, it never happens.  When the AMSOIL synthetic oil was tested against the GM Dexos 1 Gen 2 standard, pre-ignition never occurred.  Not once.  Beyond stopping pre-ignition, the base molecules of the synthetic oil protect in all temperatures.  In cold temperatures, it allows the oil to flow faster to delicate components to offer maximum protection.  In high heat it prevents breakdown, controls deposit formation, oil thickening, and limits oil consumption.  Beyond those characteristics, it also resists chemical breakdown that affect catalytic converters and other emissions equipment on your vehicle.

If you’ve been considering a new vehicle but had reservations on maintenance, don’t be concerned.   AMSOIL offers oil and filters to keep up with the performance on your new vehicle.  BuyGreatOil.com can guide you to the best synthetic oil available.  We also combine it with a great oil filter at every oil change.  Be sure to ask about recommendations to keep your vehicle maintained too.  Your local AMSOIL dealer, BuyGreatOil.com can answer all your questions and provide maximum coverage concerning maintenance.

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